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To the best of our ability and with excellence, complete our work while serving our customers, staff and communities.

Recent Projects


On-Site Experts

At the Trump International Hotel at the end we had a very compressed schedule. Ken personally was on site making sure that not only did the material maintain quality and arrive on time, but was installed correctly and in a timely manner.

Diligent Planners

In millwork the planning is very important. Preparation of shop drawings and meeting with the designers and architects to understand the intent of the design is paramount. Glenshaw and its staff always attend these meetings and work out every detail before going into fabrication.

Detailed & Timely

“Ken Rogg, the President of Glenshaw Corp, has worked on many projects for us over the years. Ranging from small projects to millions of dollars, Ken has always been detailed, timely and produced quality millwork. He is the kind of owner that takes nothing for granted, looks into the smallest details and follow through.”
Stephen H. Dalton, Dalton Advisory Group